Remote provisioning and configuration
for gateways Linksys.
Anti-reset system incorpored.






Using Ataconfig


U$S 10.-
per month

In year plan
no setup fee

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using Ataconfig Server

  • Provisioning and Remote configuration.
  • Anti-reset against ****73738
  • HTML Script to insert in your web-site. 
  • Private profile rule
  • Only 10 U$S per month.
    Can be configured up to 700 Atas
    Only year plan
  • Ata list with online information
    Last connect time, last IP, etc
    (upgrade every 60 minutes) view
  • Back-up information send to your email.
  • Configuration completely free. supports any VoIP service provider.

1 - 700
Wow !

Installed in own server


U$S 349

Only one time
No monthly fees

  • Provisioning and remote configuration from own server.
  • Automatic installation done by yourself.
  • Anti-reset against ****73738
  • Unlimited Atas to provisioning.
  • Multi-account supported.
    3 levels to use the system.
    (Master, Resellers and User)
  • Instalation and implementation support for 30 days free.
  • No monthly fees. 
  • Run under Linux and Mysql database.
  • System installed without any connection with our service. (Total privacy)

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